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Yasmary & Mark at Johnny Rockets Miami and Little River Studios in Miami

Yasmary and Mark stepped right out of a 1950’s Coca Cola ad and into this shoot…. for real. They were like one of those sweet, romantic silent movies that doesn’t need sound for you to see and feel the love. We started with a mini photo shoot inside a photo shoot at the nostalgic Johnny Rockets in Miami, and if it wasn’t for the new age music on the radio we could have easily forgotten we were in 2013. We finished the day at the beautiful Little River Studios, an enormous playground for fun shots and sweet little set ups. A few love letters and a couple more pictures later it was time to call it a day. Thank you Yasmary and Mark for the amazing afternoon, wishing you the sweetest and most romantic life together!

Leo-Photographer-Miami-Wedding-LEO_1970 Leo-Photographer-Miami-Wedding-LEO_2004 Leo-Photographer-Miami-Wedding-LEO_2098 Leo-Photographer-Miami-Wedding-LEO_2117 Leo-Photographer-Miami-Wedding-LEO_2122 Leo-Photographer-Miami-Wedding-LEO_2219 Leo-Photographer-Miami-Wedding-LEO_2244 Leo-Photographer-Miami-Wedding-LEO_2315 Leo-Photographer-Miami-Wedding-LEO_2361

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